WATCH | Solly Msimanga ‘beaten up’ over relative’s debt – DA MPL

  • A video showing DA Gauteng leader Solly Msimanga with a bloody face has surfaced on social media.
  • In the video, a man accuses Msimanga of owing him R1.4 million.
  • According to DA MPL Fred Nel, the man had attempted to extort Msimanga.

A man, who allegedly attacked DA Gauteng provincial leader Solly Msimanga, did so in an attempt to get him to pay a debt owed by a member of his family.

This is according to DA Gauteng provincial chair Fred Nel, who was speaking on behalf of Msimanga.

A video showing Msimanga bleeding from the lip, and blood trickling from the left side of his face, surfaced on social media on Thursday.

In the over 2:00 minute video clip, the man, out of shot, says he came to beat up Msimanga because he is a “liar and a thief”.

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“This is what happens to liars and thieves, Solly. You are a thief, and you are not going to turn this into a political storm for yourself in my direction. You are a thief. You owe me money,” the unknown man said while Msimanga appears to be on the phone.

Msimanga then retorts by asking, “I owe you money?”

“You owe me money, you f***ing thief, where did you get the money you paid into JD, corrupt mother f***er. I want my money. You think I am dumb,” the man replies.

The man then asks the DA leader where his gun is.

“You can’t push me and beat me around, and think I won’t hit you back. This is what you get.”

He then repeatedly asks Msimanga, “Where is the gun?”

Msimanga responds by asking whether he had beaten him, before asking the man to leave him alone, and that he will teach him a lesson.

“Solly, where is my money, R1.4 million, where is my money?” the man asks again.

Meanwhile, it appears in the video that Msimanga is speaking to the police, as he asks for a reference number and asks if they are sending them (police) now.

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“The police are not for the DA. They are for the citizens of the country,” the man says.

Msimanga says he stopped the man from opening the gate, after which he was beaten.

“You know what you did, and you know it’s about to bite you,” Msimanga said.

The man said the incident was on camera and he had witnesses.

Msimanga responded by saying he is happy the incident was caught on camera.

According to Nel, the incident took place on Thursday afternoon in Benoni, at the business premises of Msimanga’s cousins. 

He said the incident arose from a dispute about money, but that Msimanga did not owe the debt.

Nel said:

The problem is that it’s someone that tried to extort money out of him [Msimanga] because of a debt that a family member had made.

Nel added that the man is a business partner of one of Msimanga’s family members.

“The police were called; the person has been arrested and has since apologised. Police are still at the scene, as we speak.”

Nel said Msimanga was fine and had been dealing with the police.

News24 asked Nel for the police case number, which he said he would provide as soon as it is received.

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