This Week’s Comics: A Visitor From the 1990s/the Future

Your homework for this weekend is to watch the movie Brazil, and to not feel too guilty if you want to fast-forward through the last 20 minutes. The movie, directed at most points by Terry Gilliam and released in 1985, is technically science fiction in that it takes place in the future, but the more I live beyond 1985 the more it feels to me like a documentary.

This is my very roundabout and pretentious way of saying that this week my copy of Outlook decided to update itself, and in the process wiped out all of my filters and folders, throwing my already tenuously organized workflow into a sort of chaos that feels like every input in my life has been attached to a grumbling sewage line.

That, plus the fact that we’re headed into a long weekend, plus the fact that it’s just a slowish week for comics, is why I’m only reviewing one book this week. Hopefully everything will be back to norbal by next Wednesday and we’ll waltz into the holiday season with our inboxes tidy and our technology compliant. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. These sewage lines look like they’re here to stay.

Thanks as always to Phoenix for looking through this week’s releases! And happy Local Comic Shop Day.

I happily reviewed here. Nerds will be delighted to hear that there is a new Star Wars book focused on Life Day — that’s right, the premise of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Also from Marvel is a new Black Panther that looks quite promising, and a Hulk in which the big green lug is piloted like a spaceship — sure, why not. And furries, rejoice: Good Boy is an anthro John Wick story about a dog out for revenge.

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