‘They won’t work’: Lancashire council leader says new tier three restrictions won’t curb coronavirus in region

A Lancashire council leader who had accused the federal government of bullying the region into accepting tier 3 coronavirus restrictions has instructed most leaders there don’t imagine tightened measures will curb an infection charges.

Mohammed Iqbal, head of Pendle District Council, slammed the region’s new guidelines, saying: “I don’t think these restrictions will control coronavirus in Pendle or in Lancashire as a whole …

“It was repeatedly pointed out to government officials by Lancashire leaders that targeting just the hospitality sector is not enough.”

The north west was positioned into the very best bracket of the federal government’s new tier 3 Covid 19 system on Friday following fraught negotiations between native politicians and authorities officers.

It means pubs, bars and casinos have been closed down there, whereas individuals can not meet with members of different households in nearly any setting.

But, in a revelation which is able to alarm different regional leaders going through related talks in coming weeks, Councillor Iqbal stated: “Boris Johnson’s officials led by Sir Ed Lister were unwilling to listen to any evidence and worryingly for the public could not present to leaders any forward plan on how 10 Downing Street’s proposal will control the virus. 

“Schools, retail, the workplace and a minority of non-compliant individuals are where most of the coronavirus transmission occurs. Officials refused to take that public health evidence on board and said that these other areas of significant transmission were off-limits.”

The Labour leader advised the Lancashire Telegraph: “Throughout the negotiations, government officials were only interested in the politics and threatened any district leader who did not fall into line with 10 Downing Streets that their borough ‘would become an island’ that would receive much less in funding and resource.”

The criticism follows different leaders expressing disquiet at how discussions had unfolded.

Paul Foster, the Labour leader of South Ribble Council, had stated: “We’ve [been] bullied, harassed, threatened and blackmailed into moving into tier three.

“The government basically said they would place residents into more draconian measures in those districts that didn’t agree to a deal.”

The new guidelines – which it’s understood will see the region obtain £42 million in monetary assist – got here into drive at a minute midnight on Saturday.

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