The Real Health Podcast: Mr Motivator: ‘If exercise isn’t fun don’t do it’

On this week’s show I am talking to Derrick Evans, AKA Mr Motivator, who many of you will remember from his lycra clad TV workouts in the 1990s.

s well as his TV work, Mr Motivator has sold millions of workout DVDs, run an eco-tourism resort in Jamaica and has now turned his attention to “the forgotten groups” with the launch of his ‘Mr Motivator Club’ here in Ireland.

The Club is suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.

“My message is even more important now,” he said.

When the world went into lockdown last year, Mr Motivator realised he was needed to get our spirits up. “Now more than ever it is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Everybody say yeah, let’s get happy and be wicked at home.”

Derrick has overcome many adversities to make his career a success. “Being homeless and a single parent to my first daughter at 21 was difficult. I had a job, but it didn’t pay enough.” Derrick and his daughter moved into a council flat but there were rats running around and one bed with bare springs. “We made do. It’s part of the foundation stone of who I am.”

Through sheer perseverance Derrick managed to secure a slot as GMTV’s fitness guru in 1993.

“I knew there was a gap in the market and that ITV needed someone like me on TV, so I kept going down to the ITV studios and insisting that they give me a chance. At first the advertisers didn’t want a black man, they wanted a white lady with two kids. But I persevered, and that was that.”

Mr Motivator tells me he is a firm believer in making exercise enjoyable. “I want people to understand if exercise isn’t fun don’t do it…the only muscle that should ache after exercise is your laughter muscle. And if it’s not aching there’s something wrong with the teacher.”

At 68-years-old Derrick has impressive fitness regime of his own; ‘every day I do 68 press-ups – one for each year of my life. I have no intention of getting “old”’.

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