‘The Most Informed, Most Obnoxious Fans In The World’ – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)- Philadelphia sports fans have been described in many ways over the years. If you’re being charitable, they’re passionate and loyal. If you’re a fan of an opposing team or an athlete playing against their teams, obnoxious and annoying likely come to mind. For President Biden, it’s a combination of the two as he called Philly fans both “informed” and “obnoxious” in back-to-back sentences.

The moment happened Wednesday when the president visited Las Gemelas at Union Market in Northeast Washington D.C. for lunch. As he was getting ready to leave with his order of tacos and enchiladas, he could be heard chatting with one of the workers of the restaurant about the fact that they were from Fishtown. The president had a quick back and forth about Philly neighborhoods and then gave his thoughts on Philly sports fans.

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Philadelphia fans are the most informed, most obnoxious fans in the world. They know everything, you know what I mean,” president Biden said according to CQ Roll Call correspondent Niels Lesniewski.

One of the other reporters, Tommy Topher of Mediaite, shared video of the exchange and the president can be heard at the end saying he married a Philly girl, referring to his wife Jill Biden and then going into the Philly fans comment before saying, “so I never disagreed with my wife, she’s always right.”

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The Bidens have been seen more than a few times at Philly sports events over the years so he’s definitely familiar with the fan base.

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