Nintendo Has Announced That ‘Breath Of The Wild 2’ Will Get Back To The Company’s Roots And Be A Vacuum

We’ve seen a wave of shocking announcements and amazing reveals at this year’s all-digital E3, but Nintendo just dropped a bomb that blows everything else out of the water. Breath Of The Wild 2 is finally here, gamers, and it’s embracing the legendary company’s roots by being a vacuum cleaner. That’s right, Nintendo stans! Your … Read more

FIFA 21 Festival of FUTball leaks and predictions including Path to Glory

The next FIFA 21 Ultimate Team promo is nearly here, with the Festival of FUTball promo set to launch on Friday. This new FIFA 21 promo will follow the popular Team of the Season (TOTS) promo, which ended on Friday, June 4 with the reveal of the Ultimate Team of the Season squad, featuring TOTS … Read more

Jerusalem’s Prominence In ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Means It Is Undeniably A Holy Site For Gamers As Well

You don’t have to be an expert in the Middle East to know that the conversation around the Israel-Palestine crisis is changing, gamers. In the wake of the violence that broke out in Gaza a few weeks ago, there has been a renewed debate over who gets to claim Jerusalem as their own. Well, after … Read more

Most Anticipated E3 Announcements

This is probably a distraction intended to boost the disgraced Italian politician’s public perception ahead of another run for prime minister. But, hey, with all the resources he has at his disposal, he could make something really special, so we’re at least going to give him a chance on that front. Source link

Apple Says That In Balancing Equities Between The Parties, The Court Must Weigh The Effect Of Different Harms To Both Parties, At Its Own Discretion

Late last year, Apple courted controversy in the gaming world when the company summarily booted Fortnite’s mobile version from its App Store. Since then, users of the most popular battle-royale title out there have been hoping a trial between Epic Games and Apple would settle the matter. Well, mobile fans, buckle up for a rough … Read more

The Dry Cleaner Lost Samus’s Suit So Now She’s Wearing Mesh Shorts And A Big Dogs XXL T-Shirt

Get ready, Metroid fans, because everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Samus Aran has an all new look! That’s right, it looks like the dry cleaner lost her iconic Power Suit, so now she’s wearing mesh shorts and an XXL Big Dogs T-shirt. Forget the Zero Suit, this is Samus like we’ve never seen her before! Apparently, … Read more

‘Resident Evil Village’ Actually Features More Of A Town Than A Village If You’re Going By The Technical Definition

We at OGN were thrilled when Capcom launched the eighth entry in its iconic Resident Evil series in April, and ever since then, we’ve been playing nonstop, probing each mystery and destroying every Lycan that crossed our path. And while it may strive to be a worthy entry in the canon, Resident Evil Village unfortunately … Read more

Oh Man, We Forgot We Signed An NDA, Nevermind

Ever since the release of Metroid: Samus Returns in 2017, series diehards have been rabidly awaiting any hint about the next installment in this iconic franchise. Well, Nintendo fans, you’re going to want to buckle up because—ah shit. Gamers, we’re just remembering we signed an NDA. Let us check the fine print real quick to … Read more