A spot of torture and ‘tache-twirling would spice up this dull crime drama

The Investigation (BBC Two) was a crime drama in which neither the victim nor murderer appeared. It was a bold approach and laudable in its intent. In televisual terms, however, it was about as thrilling as watching the test card. Only without a toy clown or game of noughts and crosses to divert you. This … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a flagship powerhouse

Samsung recently launched its new lineup of Galaxy S21 series smartphones, which includes the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The flagship device in this range is the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which boasts an overhauled camera system, 5G connectivity, dynamic refresh rate display, and exceptional battery life. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 lineup is currently … Read more

When is Peep Show not Peep Show? When it’s Back

Back (Channel 4) is back for a second series, and if you missed the first I recommend catching up. I confess to abandoning series one after the first episode and dismissing it as a pale imitation of Peep Show; that was partly a failure of imagination on my part, and partly down to the fact that, in Peep Show, … Read more

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine Review

BMW’s newest car in the country is an extended form of the 3 series sedan, called the 3 series Gran Limousine. India is the first right hand drive market anywhere in the world to get the car and of course the focus here is on the extra space inside the cabin, specifically for people in … Read more

is it really a surprise that a kale smoothie is low on energy?

If your lockdown fitness regime has been anything like mine, it will have started on a high note with daily Joe Wicks sessions, progressed to brief consideration of a Pilates Zoom session, and currently be at the stage of walking to the fridge and back. According to The Truth About Getting Fit at Home (BBC … Read more

painstaking realism, but paperwork just isn’t that dramatic

We went into the final part of The Pembrokeshire Murders (ITV) knowing who did it, knowing that he was in custody, and feeling pretty certain of what the trial outcome would be. So what was left? This final stretch tried to ramp up the tension with an interrogation scene and a race against time to … Read more

The Pembrokeshire Murders, ep 1 review: A solid drama, where even the accents hit the bullseye

The first episode of The Pembrokeshire Murders (ITV) was proceeding as police procedurals tend to do. Creepy serial killer, hard-working detective with personal problems, capable young sidekick, Jim Bowen in Bullseye – hang on,  Jim Bowen? In Bullseye? If you remember the details of the case, that image probably made sense. For everyone else, it was … Read more

A compelling case but an uneasy watch

Jiah Khan was a beautiful Bollywood actress whose star burned briefly before she was found dead at her home, aged 25. The police quickly declared it a suicide, but Jiah’s family suspect foul play. The first episode of Death in Bollywood (BBC Two), a three-part investigation, presented the family’s case. It wasn’t clear if the … Read more

A Discovery of Witches: season two episode 1 review

From Shakespeare in Love to Upstart Crow, Elizabethan England has long cast a spell over film and television. So when season two of Sky’s solidly silly supernatural romance A Discovery of Witches (Sky One) splashed down in the hey nonny nonny land of statement ruffs and Catholics hiding in attics, it was with an overpowering sense … Read more

Pooch Perfect, review: Throw me a bone – we’re now shampooing dogs on TV

Ok, I’m doing the contestants a disservice. They also trim and blow-dry dogs. And when tasked with zhushing up a Shih Tzu, they have the option of giving them a top knot with a cutesy bow.  The presence of the immensely likeable Sheridan Smith saves it from total disaster. She hosts the show with a dog … Read more

this sweary chef act has gone rotten

At the end of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back (Channel 4) came a preview of next week’s episode, in which the TV chef expressed horror at seeing a restaurant boss be abusive to his staff. Which was strange, because the programme I’d just watched featured Ramsay yelling himself puce and rounding off … Read more

an incredible story hampered by its attention-hogging filmmaker 

Every so often, an awful story will appear in the news, of a stowaway falling to their death from the wheel well of an aircraft. In 2015, the body of one such man, Carlito Vale, was discovered on the roof of an office building in west London. Incredibly, a second man survived the journey and … Read more

never mind the charmless killer, it’s 1970s Bangkok that most impresses

The problem with The Serpent (BBC One) is that it is a whodunit where we already know who did it. As this retelling of the true story of Seventies serial killer Charles Sobhraj meandered through the second of eight episodes, no attempt was made to conceal the French ex-pat’s criminality or to cloak him in … Read more