National Guard sleeping on Capitol floor as troops ‘prepare for inauguration bomb threat’

US National Guard troops are preparing for potential homemade bomb threats amid fears pro-Donald Trump supporters may attack the Capitol again on Inauguration Day. Thousands of members of the military reserve component have been deployed and are being forced to sleep on the floor of the building in between shifts. The heavily armed troops have … Read more

‘Had the rioting pro-Trump mob at the US Capitol been black, so many would be dead’ – Darren Lewis

Had they been black men and women protesting the treatment of black lives, so many of them would be dead. Had they been railing against Tuesday’s announcement that no police officer would be charged over yet another fatal shooting, this time Jacob Blake – shot several times in the back as he got into a … Read more

Donald Trump says ‘they’re not taking the White House’ and vows to ‘fight like hell’

Donald Trump told his supporters “they’re not taking the White House” during a rally in Georgia – the state where he urged officials to “find” votes. The outgoing President continues to deny the result of last year’s election, which he lost to Joe Biden, and make baseless claims of voting irregularities. The electoral votes are … Read more