Lives lost at Europe’s borders and Afghan MPs in exile: human rights this fortnight – in pictures

A roundup of the struggle for human rights and freedoms, from Mexico to Manila Continue reading… Source link

Greek asylum policy creating a refugee hunger crisis: Aid groups

Ritsona, Greece – Restrictive government decisions have cast thousands of refugees out of protective support services and are creating a hunger crisis, aid groups say. Just under 18,000 refugees live in camps on the Greek mainland. More than half – 60 percent according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a United Nations body – … Read more

Busting the Merkel Myth

Press play to listen to this article BERLIN — In an age of us-versus-them politics, soon-to-be ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel might be the only prominent international leader the global demos can actually agree on. From Poland to Peru, clear majorities profess a favorable view of the East German physicist-turned-politician, whose 16-year tenure running Europe’s largest … Read more

Mexico and US to launch plan to stem Central American migration

The vast majority of people heading to the US-Mexico border are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Mexico’s foreign ministry has said the Mexican and US foreign development agencies will work together on a project to address the root causes of migration from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The “Planting Opportunities” project announced on Wednesday … Read more

Macron says Brexit rules matter of ‘war and peace’ for Ireland amid UK spats

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron urged the U.K. to work with the EU to resolve post-Brexit issues, as he called the divorce deal’s Northern Ireland protocol a matter of “war and peace for Ireland.” “It is for us an existential question, in two respects,” Macron said of the protocol during a meeting Wednesday of … Read more

EU, NATO stress unity on Belarus

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg presented a united front Sunday against pressure on their organizations’ eastern borders from Russia and Belarus. “It is important that the European Union and NATO work hand in hand,” von der Leyen told a news conference in Vilnius. “We are testing and coordinating … Read more

New German government should change tack over Nord Stream 2, Poland’s PM says

The new government in Berlin should change its attitude toward the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and “do everything possible” to prevent Russia from using it as a weapon against its neighbors, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said. “Nord Stream 2 is becoming a tool to blackmail Ukraine and Moldova. It is also a tool … Read more

A tragedy in the Channel

Pregnant women and three children were among the 27 people who drowned trying to cross the Channel in an inflatable boat. The tragedy occurred on Wednesday and is the deadliest incident since the migration crisis began. Diane Taylor has been reporting on the crisis from both sides of the Channel for years as people-smugglers have … Read more

Boris Johnson urges French and EU deals to halt English Channel crossings

Boris Johnson offered to work “further and faster” with France and the EU to try to stop undocumented migrants crossing the English Channel, after dozens drowned in a bid to reach the U.K. In a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, published late Thursday, the British prime minister urged more cooperation with Paris and Brussels … Read more

Migrant deaths in Europe not new, over 1,600 have died this year – IOM

While the deaths of at least 27 migrants in the English Channel have shocked both Britain and France, shipwrecks of that scale are not uncommon in European waters. UN officials estimate that as many as 1,600 people have died or are missing in the Mediterranean Sea this year alone. In contrast, just 35 migrants have … Read more