Indore Sees Queues For Hours As Anti-Viral Drug Runs Short In Supply

Hundreds of people waited in long queues at Indore’s Dawa Bazaar Bhopal: A long queue was seen outside pharmacies in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore as people rushed to buy an anti-viral medicine that has been recommended in the fight against the coronavirus. The Madhya Pradesh government will get more Remdesivir injections to treat poor people for … Read more

Mask Slipped From Nose, Man Beaten Mercilessly By Cops In Madhya Pradesh

The Indore Police kicked and punched the man mercilessly as he lay on the ground. Bhopal: An incident of appalling cruelty in Madhya Pradesh has taken place following the Central and state governments’ order to enforce safety measures for Covid.  A man in Indore was severely beaten up by two policemen, allegedly for his failure to … Read more