Starmer downplays expectations ahead of elections as poll suggests Tories set for Hartlepool win – politics live | Politics

Yes it is, and let me just give you five headlines of that. First on the economy, short termism has bedevilled our economy for years and years. We’ve got low wages, low standards, low investment, low skills, low productivity. That has got to be changed to a long-term model, and there are plenty of leading … Read more

UK Covid live: UK secures 60m vaccine booster shots for use later this year | Politics

The incoming DUP leader should recognise that the political landscape across our island has changed. The broad community are impatient for social reform and political change which reflects a modern and progressive society where everyone can feel that they belong on an equal basis. As joint head of government my focus, and the focus of … Read more

Major Tory rebellion fails in bid to offer further protection to leaseholders

B oris Johnson suffered a major Commons rebellion as Conservative MPs urged him to compromise over who foots the bill for key fire safety improvements post-Grenfell. A total of 31 Tories rebelled in a bid to support a change to the Fire Safety Bill aimed at protecting leaseholders and tenants from multi-billion-pound costs. The House … Read more

Call for ‘Prince Philip Cross’ to honour emergency service workers killed on duty

R elatives of emergency service workers killed on duty should receive an award named after the Duke of Edinburgh the Commons has heard. Conservative MP and former army officer Bob Stewart said the badge would be similar to the Elizabeth Cross given to the next of kin of military personnel killed on operations or as … Read more

UK Covid live news: England’s R number rises slightly as infection levels fall across the UK | Politics

8.47am EDT 08:47 R number in England rises slightly England’s R number has risen slightly to between 0.8 and 1 as infection level falls across UK, according to latest figures released by by the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). This suggests the pandemic is still continuing to shrink but at a slightly slower … Read more

Defence secretary says prejudice led to black and Asian world war one soldiers not being commemorated properly – politics live | Politics

Founded over a century ago to commemorate the First World War dead of the British Empire, from the outset the IWGC’s [Imperial War Graves Commission’s] work was defined by the principle of equality of treatment in death. Whatever an individual’s rank in social or military life, whatever their religion, they would be commemorated identically – … Read more

UK Covid live: ministers created confusion by muddling lockdown guidance with law, police watchdog says | Politics

Commentator Richard Millett is suing Corbyn over remarks he made during an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show in 2018, when he was leader of the opposition. Corbyn says he was defending himself against allegations of antisemitism when he made the comments and is contesting the case. During the broadcast, Corbyn was asked if … Read more

‘Deep and heartfelt sorrow’ was too much. Here’s how a parliamentary motion to remember Prince Philip was watered down

When the Queen Mother died in 2002, a motion passed by the House of Commons expressing condolences was full of words like “most excellent majesty, “most gracious sovereign,” and “dutiful and loyal subjects.” It would seem to be a template for the deaths of senior royals, though it does not appear that a motion on … Read more