The Hard-Won Achievements of Mary Cocaine

No one would dare say that Table Talk Pies invented the four-inch pie, but the company certainly perfected it. Nicely priced, at around a dollar, and ideally sized—comfortable in the hand, easily slipped into a coat pocket, affording the sensual thrill of eating an entire pie but being modest enough not to make you feel … Read more

You can roast your own coffee at this Seabrook coffee shop

If you’re a coffee-lover, you may enjoy this unique experience being offered by a Seabrook-based business. Damn Fine Coffee and Fried Pie is hosting roaster nights, which offers customers the opportunity to create and roast their own custom blend. According to the shop’s Facebook page, roaster nights will be held every Saturday from 4 – … Read more

11th Annual Food For Thanks Event Feeds Over 100 People

(CBS DETROIT) – It took more than just ingredients to prepare this meal. The cooks in the kitchen say the secret spice is love. READ MORE: Here Are Some Jimmy Hoffa Theories After Tip Leads FBI Search To New Jersey “This comes straight from our kitchen, you know what I’m saying,” said Anne Lynn, an organizer … Read more

Philadelphia home care agency delivering food to seniors and communities in need

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Every day Alex Berenson and his team pick up meals for seniors and sort them by neighborhood at Care & Help Home Care. “We’re a Philadelphia-based home care agency,” said Berenson. “Our mission is our patients’ comfort.” Berenson says once they realized their senior patients needed help with meals, they started … Read more

Here Are Foods Experts Say You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog This Thanksgiving

(CBS Detroit) –– It’s hard to celebrate family this Thanksgiving without our furry friends. However, if you are sharing a meal with them, experts say to be mindful of what you feed them. READ MORE: Detroit Metro Airport Anticipating More Than 3.5 Million Travelers This Holiday Season The American Kennel Club says foods like turkey … Read more

What Thanksgiving Dishes Mean

As families begin to reconvene for Thanksgiving, it can be hard to know how relatives are really doing behind those cheery smiles. Luckily, the food says it all. Here is a comprehensive guide to reading into the dishes your family and friends bring this Thanksgiving. Turkey = Egomania It is a completely bonkers idea to … Read more

“Work Lunch”: Poetry by Lee Bains

With his band, the Glory Fires, the Alabama native Lee Bains has long made music that sets out to catechize, celebrate, and complicate his Southern heritage—a project that extends to Bains’s freewheeling poetic sequence “Work Lunch,” which focusses not only on the food that sustains us but also on what, and who, makes such sustenance … Read more