Melting Arctic Ocean ice allows killer whales to move in, threatens ecosystem

TORONTO — Melted sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has paved the way for killer whales to spend more time in these waters, but researchers worry that this could threaten species of prey in these areas, potentially throwing the ecosystem off balance. Researchers from the University of Washington tracked the movement of aquatic species off … Read more

Elon Musk Has Strong Views on Hydrogen. Not Everyone Agrees

Electric vehicles have batteries that need to be charged by plugging the vehicle into a charging point, whereas fuel cell vehicles utilize hydrogen gas and “generate their electricity onboard.” Firms including Toyota and Hyundai have produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, while smaller manufacturers such as Riversimple are also working on hydrogen-powered cars. Tesla CEO Elon … Read more

Liquid manure from B.C. floods may have contaminated some Lower Mainland wells |

The B.C. government is warning residents of the Lower Mainland who rely on private wells that liquid manure overflow may have contaminated their water supply. Catastrophic flooding during the month of November may have caused liquid manure storage systems to overflow, said the Health Department on Saturday. Residents in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley … Read more

Smoldering debris, mud hinder Indonesia volcano rescue

LUMAJANG, INDONESIA — Rescuers were searching for survivors Sunday on the slopes of the highest volcano on Indonesia’s island of Java after it was rocked by an eruption that killed at least 13 people, as smoldering debris and thick mud hampered their efforts. Mount Semeru in Lumajang district in East Java province spewed thick columns … Read more