‘Almost 180-degree turnaround’: More Black Americans open to jabs | Coronavirus pandemic News

More Black people in the United States say they are open to receiving coronavirus vaccines, a new survey shows, an encouraging sign that one community leader described as “almost a 180-degree turnaround” from earlier in the pandemic. According to the late March poll by the Associated Press news agency and NORC Center for Public Affairs … Read more

Libya kicks off delayed COVID-19 vaccination drive | Coronavirus pandemic News

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah receives shot on live television, urges Libyans to register online for their own vaccinations. Libya has launched its delayed COVID-19 vaccination drive, with Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, prime minister of the country’s new unity government, getting his shot on live television. Officially, Libya has registered a total of about 167,000 coronavirus … Read more

COMMENTARY: The Liberals are in no position to be boasting about their COVID-19 pandemic response

As we entered 2021, the federal government’s COVID-19 priorities seemed rather straightforward: get the vaccines in and keep the variants out. Unfortunately, we ended up with the opposite. The vaccine supply is starting to steadily increase, which is good news, but the variants are already firmly established here and, for now, are winning the race. … Read more

Iran imposes 10-day restrictions amid sharp rise in COVID cases | Coronavirus pandemic News

Tehran, Iran – Authorities in Iran have been forced to impose fresh nationwide restrictions after lack of control over travels during the Persian new year holidays last month led to an explosive rise in COVID-19 cases. On Saturday, authorities reported 19,666 cases across the country, with the figure only second behind the highest single-day figure … Read more

Vaccine shortages hit poor countries as global deliveries stall | Coronavirus pandemic News

As many as 60 countries, including some of the world’s poorest, might be stalled at the first shots of their coronavirus vaccinations because nearly all deliveries through the global programme intended to help them are blocked until as late as June. COVAX – the global initiative to provide vaccines to countries lacking the clout to … Read more

Fresh COVID lockdowns worldwide as vaccine efforts stumble | Coronavirus pandemic News

Fresh lockdowns and curfews have been imposed on tens of millions of people from India to Argentina as COVID-19 infections surged again and vaccine rollouts were hampered by shortages and fears of side effects. In India, the worst-hit state of Maharashtra was running out of vaccines as the health system buckled under the weight of … Read more

EU regulators reviewing J&J’s COVID vaccine after blood clots | Coronavirus pandemic News

Johnson & Johnson is working with European Union regulators to assess data on the rare clots, and ‘at present, no clear causal relationship has been established’ with the vaccine, the company said in an emailed statement. The European Union’s drug regulator has started a review to assess blood clots in people who received Johnson & … Read more

Facing COVID surge, Michigan to get help but not more vaccines | Coronavirus pandemic News

Washington is rushing federal resources to support vaccinations, testing and therapeutics – but not vaccines – to Michigan in an effort to control the state’s worst in the nation COVID-19 transmission rate, the White House said on Friday. President Joe Biden outlined the moves late on Thursday in a call with Governor Gretchen Whitmer to … Read more

Vaccine-hunting volunteers help Americans score COVID jabs | Coronavirus pandemic News

Rebecca Burke’s finger hovered over the “post” button on a COVID-19 vaccination thread. Was she really going to ask a total stranger on Facebook to help her get her first dose? With two young children at home and a May return-to-work date from her New York City employer hovering over her, the education administrator said … Read more

Holidays for the rich: Airlines slam UK travel restart plan | Aviation News

UK government’s traffic light COVID risk ranking system will make overseas flights too expensive for many, airline group says. Airlines have criticised the United Kingdom’s plans for restarting international travel, saying that expensive testing requirements for trips to low-risk countries would mean that only wealthy people could take holidays abroad. Under government proposals, airlines and … Read more