Left-wing activist is arrested in relation to siege on Capitol Building

Left-wing BLM activist who told CNN he entered the Capitol simply to document the siege is arrested after video footage reveals he shouted ‘It’s our house’ and ‘we got to get this s**t burned’ John Earle Sullivan, 26, entered the Capitol Building during the siege last Wednesday The left-wing activist, who has previously participated in … Read more

On Trump and truth: Daniel Dale in conversation with Edward Keenan

In the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol building, Donald Trump’s second impeachment and Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration, eyes are on the U.S. capital. As the end of Trump’s term comes a close, Toronto Star Washington Bureau Chief Edward Keenan sat down with his predecessor Daniel Dale, now a reporter at CNN, to discuss … Read more

Bryan Monroe, longtime journalist and former CNNPolitics.com editor,

Monroe died Wednesday morning of a heart attack at his home in Bethesda, Maryland, where he lived with family, according to Suzanne Malveaux, a longtime friend and CNN national correspondent. “He liked to connect people who were in different worlds — whether it was the media world, Hollywood, journalism, academia,” Malveaux told CNN. “He loved … Read more

US Capitol Police officer DIES following MAGA mob riots at Congress marking the FIFTH death

BREAKING NEWS: Capitol cop DIES following MAGA mob riots at Congress marking the FIFTH death from the unrest as police chief resigns A U.S. Capitol police officer died Thursday following the riots on Congress It is the fifth fatality reported after hundreds of Trump loyalists violently broke their way into the U.S. Capitol hoping to … Read more

Capitol lockdown: ‘QAnon Shaman’ poses in triumph after Trump rioters ‘attempt coup’

A picture from chaotic scenes at the US Capitol purports to show a man believed to be a ‘QAnon shaman’ posing triumphantly in the US Senate. The picture tweeted by New York Post reporter Steven Nelson shows the man posing with a fur hat and a painted face after Republican protesters managed to swarm the … Read more

LeBron James looks for WNBA win over Kelly Loeffler after leading Lakers to victory,

In 2020, the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and the US Presidential election highlighted just how engaged the four-time NBA champion is in making the world a better place. Now, James is looking to get involved in the WNBA — another champion for social justice, having carried out recent protests that include wearing … Read more

Ron DeSantis says people are fleeing to Florida because they’re sick of ‘draconian lockdowns’

Governor Ron DeSantis has said people are fleeing to Florida because they are sick of ‘draconian lockdowns’ as the Sunshine State recorded its second highest daily total for new COVID-19 cases.  DeSantis told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday night that Americans are turning to the Sunshine State as a ‘landing pad’ amid the pandemic … Read more

CNN’s Don Lemon blows up at Republican leaders for letting Trump ‘feed them BS’

CNN’s Don Lemon blows up at Republicans who have been ‘feeding’ Trump supporters ‘the BS’ about claims of election fraud Don Lemon couldn’t contain his anger on Monday night while speaking with Chris Cuomo about the continued case being made for election fraud In a rally Monday night, Trump continued to falsely claim victory in … Read more

Soho Karen’s mom stopped by cops on a drive in California after she breaks her silence

The woman dubbed ‘Soho Karen’, 22-year-old Miya Ponsetto, who was filmed assaulting a black boy who she accused of stealing her iPhone, has spoken out for the first time since the incident in a New York hotel last month. In video shared on social media by the NYPD, Ponsetto can be seen suddenly running at … Read more