Proposed Initiative Would Let Seattle Vote for as Many Primary Candidates as They’d Like

Logan Bowers wants to bring the approval voting system to Seattle. RYAN CAVANAUGH

In 2019, Hashtag Cannabis co-owner Logan Bowers ran for council in District 3. He nearly cracked 7% in the primary, which put him in last place. But after knocking on the doors of over 5,000 Seattle voters, Bowers said he gained a deeper understanding of how voters think, an understanding that inspired him to pursue election reform to fix what he calls “the worst possible voting system.”

On Wednesday Nov. 17, Bowers and a group known as Seattle Approves announced an initiative to bring approval voting to city elections. He’s totally stoked, but the movement for ranked-choice voting (RCV), which has gained traction in the last couple years, disapproves – pun 100% intended, I will not back down from this.


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