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The Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday morning at the age of 99. There are now renewed calls for Netflix to issue an apology and add disclaimers over its portrayal of Prince Philip.

The show falsely suggests the Prince was blamed for the 1937 death of his sister by his father, had an affair with a ballerina and was involved in the Profumo scandal.

Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark, Philip’s elder sister, was killed along with her two children when their aircraft crashed on the way to London.

The Netflix show suggests she was making the journey because Prince Philip had been banned from visiting her in Germany after poor behaviour at school.

At the funeral the actor playing Prince Andrew, Philip’s father, states: “You are the reason we are all here, burying my favourite child.”

However according to Sally Bedell Smith, author of several royal biographies, the Prince “had nothing to do with his sister’s death” and wasn’t held responsible by his father.

Speaking to the Daily Mail she said: “Cecilie did die in an air crash but that’s the only thing that was true.

“Everything else was invented in a shockingly malicious way.”

Nether the Queen nor Prince Philip are believed to have watched The Crown.

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Chris Parry, a formal naval officer who investigated the 1937 crash for his PhD, concurred describing The Crown’s portrayal as “outrageous”.

He added: “It was rubbish. This man had integrity.

“This generation has forgotten just what people stood for in his generation.”

Another episode of The Crown implies Prince Philip had an affair with Galina Ulanova, a real-life ballerina.

However there is no evidence this took place in real life.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Ingrid Seward, who edits Majesty Magazine, remarked: “It was complete fantasy.

“He never ever met the ballet dancer.”

Conservative MP Karen Bradley, the former culture secretary, urged Netflix to add a “health warning” to episodes of the Crown warning it is not “an accurate and faithful account”.

She commented: “While Prince Philip was still alive, Netflix badly misrepresented the behaviour and conduct of this noble and dignified man.

“Now that he has died, the least they can do is to make amends by acknowledging that the picture of the Duke of Edinburgh in The Crown was unjust and, in many respects, simply fictional.”

On Friday producers for The Crown said they were “deeply saddened” by Philip’s passing but there is no indication they plan to apologise or add warnings to his portrayal in the show.


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