Live: AFL’s rookie draft to give young players a second chance

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Rookie draft order

  1. 1.North Melbourne
  2. 2.Collingwood
  3. 3.Gold Coast
  4. 4.Adelaide
  5. 5.Hawthorn
  6. 6.Carlton
  7. 7.Richmond
  8. 8.Fremantle
  9. 9.St Kilda
  10. 10.West Coast
  11. 11.Essendon
  12. 12.Sydney
  13. 13.GWS
  14. 14.Brisbane
  15. 15.Geelong
  16. 16.Port Adelaide
  17. 17.Western Bulldogs
  18. 18.Melbourne
  19. 19.North Melbourne
  20. 20.Collingwood
  21. 21.Gold Coast
  22. 22.Adelaide
  23. 23.Hawthorn
  24. 24.Carlton
  25. 25.Fremantle
  26. 26.St Kilda
  27. 27.Essendon
  28. 28.Sydney
  29. 29.GWS
  30. 30.Geelong
  31. 31.Port Adelaide
  32. 32.Western Bulldogs
  33. 33.Gold Coast
  34. 34.Fremantle
  35. 35.Essendon

By Dean Bilton

Rookie draft about to begin

Righto, here we go. Should be a nice snappy little draft for your Friday afternoon.

By Dean Bilton

Adelaide selects Luke Nankervis in preseason draft

Getty Images

This means he’s on the senior list too, by the way. The rookie list is set to get underway now. Fair haircut on him.

By Dean Bilton

Gold Coast selects Rory Thompson in preseason draft

The Suns have had more success with their plan here than with Levi Greenwood.

By Dean Bilton

We’re about to get underway

This is going to be a much speedier affair than the last two nights, which is probably a good thing. The preseason draft is first up, but there’s every chance there will be zero picks taken in that one. At which point we’ll get into the meat of the afternoon, the rookie draft.

By Dean Bilton

Some names to watch out for

Cooper Hamilton (Getty Images)

So we’re pretty confident Jared Polec will be scooped back up by North Melbourne, Lewis Taylor will be redrafted by Sydney and Levi Casboult will end up with the Suns. As for players who missed out on the draft, I expect Ned Long, Charlie Dean, Cooper Hamilton and Kade Dittmar will find homes today, among others.

By Dean Bilton

What’s the difference between the rookie draft and the national draft?

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You may have been following the national draft over the last two evenings, across which 65 young players were drafted onto AFL lists. So what’s the go with today then?

Basically, the players drafted today will receive rookie contracts and be placed on clubs’ rookie lists. It means they are paid less and have shorter contracts, but are still able to play in the AFL should the club wish to select them.

Some clubs have more selections than others today. That’s simply down to how many vacant spots clubs have on their lists — each club can have a maximum of 42 players on the books, with a minimum of four and maximum of six of those on the rookie list.

By Dean Bilton

Who’s up for some AFL rookie draft?

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Hey, welcome back! Feels like just last night we were here together running through pick after pick from the AFL’s national draft. Now we reconvene for the rookie draft, which looms as a last chance for the many overlooked young players to get on an AFL list this year.

There are also some more experienced players who will look to rebuild their careers from the rookie list, like Jared Polec and Levi Casboult. In either case, the AFL is filled with stories of players who have come out of the rookie draft to become champions, so today’s selections are certainly worth watching.

We’ll have every pick here, so stick around.

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