Letters to the Editor, April 8

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It’s great to see a good news story on the front page for a change (April 3). The three-year-old, Jude Leyton, found safe and sound after 3 1/2 days is a miracle. If we all use common sense and Trudeau comes through with enough vaccines to inoculate the at-risk population and give the second dose as per the manufacturers’ recommendations, we could see a second miracle. I highly doubt this will happen given his credibility, as he won’t even allow people directly involved in the WE fiasco to testify. He believes he knows more about vaccines and ethics than anyone else. If we can get rid of Trudeau and company, there would be a lot more room on the front page for good news stories that we need. Keep up the good work.

John Hutchins

(We could all use some uplifting news)


The Beetle Bailey comic strip should be retired like some of the Dr. Seuss books or cleaned up big time. Currently, officers in the Canadian military are being exposed on military injustices that are alive and doing well here in Canada and in the United States. Right now, and through the many years Beetle Bailey has been around, sexism, racism, sadism, and unfairness abound in this comic strip. For example, the dog gets hurt shown by different coloured stars floating in the air. The cute general secretary is always looked at as a sexual object. The soldiers are punished by a sadistic sergeant, etc. That’s not funny. This comic strip, unfortunately, perpetuates the wrongdoings present in the military today and even makes light of it. This must stop and stop now.

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Robert J. Moskal

(If you’re triggered by this comic strip, you’re a lost cause, sir. There is no correlation to the current — and very serious investigations and allegations — going on with our military)


I am not an Islander or Leafs fan, but I am a fan of hard work. John Tavares exemplifies this better than most playing in the NHL right now. He does everything a good captain should and, in some ways, reminds me of Jonathan Toews. He provides offence, is good with the media, and leads by example. His dream as a youngster was to someday play for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Kyle and Brendan made that dream come true. Steve Simmons finds fault with Tavares because of his sizable salary (“Leafs captain Tavares not living up to his salary,” March 21). Would it satisfy Steve if John donated some of his salary back to the Leafs? And if the answer is yes, would Steve be willing to donate back some of his salary when another journalist who is less compensated writes a better column? Food for thought! Don’t get me wrong. I read Steve’s columns every Sunday, and for the most part, find them interesting reads — but I thought he was being unfair in this one.

Ted Donaldson
Tottenham, Ont.

(You’ll find Leafs fans on both sides of this debate)

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