Merkel Adviser on the Future Course of the Pandemic: “I Am Especially Worried About the Unvaccinated Children at School”

DER SPIEGEL: Professor Meyer-Hermann, the German mass-circulation tabloid Bild recently wrote that purportedly false forecasts had led us into a lockdown. They wrote of “horror curves” and “models of dread.” What does it feel like to be the villain of the yellow press? Meyer-Hermann: (laughs) I don’t feel like they’re talking about me. DER SPIEGEL: … Read more

The Telegram Billionaire and His Dark Empire

Pavel Durov squats shirtless in the lotus position on a hotel roof, the skyline of Dubai stretching out in the background. The Instagram photo, which looks like it could be one of thousands of other selfies from random influencers, is one of the rare signs of life from one of the world’s richest and most … Read more

An Interview with Håvard Grip, Chief Pilot of Ingenuity, Nasa’s Mars Helicopter

About Håvard Grip Bild vergrößern Foto: R. Lannom / JPL-Caltech / NASA Håvard Grip works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, which operates as the control center for NASA’s probes. Grip is the chief pilot of the Mars helicopter Ingenuity, which has successfully completed a half dozen flights on Mars. He graduated from the … Read more