Fight against global species extinction

Kunming (dpa) – Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has called for an “ambitious” new framework agreement on the global fight against species extinction. “Time is running out,” the minister warned in a video address at the UN Biodiversity Conference (Cop15), which is taking place online and on-site in the Chinese city of Kunming. The extent and speed at which biodiversity is being lost are worrying, she said.

The goals in the agreement to protect and restore ecosystems, which is hoped to be reached by spring 2022, must be “ambitious and concrete”. Schulze backed plans to place 30 percent of land and marine areas under protection by 2030. She said it must also be ensured that the targets are translated into national plans and that their fulfilment is monitored.

“The next few months will be crucial in determining whether we will be successful in halting biodiversity loss,” Schulze warned. The time until the framework agreement is adopted during the second part of the conference at the end of April and beginning of May must be “used well” to address the open issues in a constructive dialogue, she said.

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