Family Saving Time This Thanksgiving By Making Oak Dining Table Day Before

WALDORF, MD—Vowing not to repeat the same mistakes of years past, sources confirmed Wednesday that the Stanchfield family was saving time this Thanksgiving by making their oak dining table the day before. “Grandma insists it’s better fresh, but making everything ahead this year is going to save a whole lot of stress,” said Kevin Stanchield, who recalled the anxiety and pressure he faced annually waking up at the crack of down to saw the wood, drill holes, attach screws, cut the aprons, and trim and fasten the legs. “Usually I’m so tired from being on my feet all day that I can barely hold a hammer by the end of it. What with all the sanding and staining, sometimes it’s 7, 8 p.m. before we even get around to sitting down. Not to mention how frustrating it is when you’re rushed and then a chair doesn’t turn out right.” At press time, the family had resigned to just pick up a cheap table from Boston Market after realizing that theirs was ruined beyond repair.

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