Ecuadorean hummingbird emits high-pitched song from mountains

A species of Ecuadorean hummingbird native to the Andean high-altitude grasslands is exclusive for emitting the very best sound recorded in birds.

About 14cm (5.5in) lengthy, the Ecuadorean hillstar (Oreotrochilus chimborazo) emits the sound to mark its territory and through courtship rituals.

Experts say it isn’t clear whether or not the birds can hear these sounds, that are made solely by males. Their elementary frequency of 13.four kHz is much past the vary at which most birds can hear – 2 to eight kHz.

His habitat is at an altitude between 3,500m and 5,200m (11,500ft to 17,000ft).

Ecuador, which is wealthy in biodiversity, is residence to 132 hummingbird species out of the greater than 300 on the earth.

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