CIA Chief Warns Russians of Consequences If They Caused ‘Havana Syndrome’

CIA Director William Burns delivered a secret warning to Russian intelligence services that they will face “consequences” if they are responsible for the mysterious health incidents known as “Havana Syndrome” that have afflicted U.S. spies, diplomats, FBI agents and others spies around the world, three sources familiar with the matter said.

The warning was first reported by The Washington Post.

Burns raised the issue during a visit to Moscow this month, the sources said, while he was speaking to top officials of Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, and its Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR. 

Victims suffering from Havana Syndrome have reported hearing a loud sound and feeling pressure in their heads and then experiencing dizziness, unsteady gait and visual disturbances. Many say they have suffered long-standing debilitating effects.

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