China launches astronaut crew on six-month space station mission

The mission plans to set a new record for the time spent in space by Chinese astronauts. China has launched a three-person crew for a six-month mission on board its space station that is planned at setting a new record for the time spent in space by Chinese astronauts as the country moves towards completing … Read more

FDA Authorizes First E-Cigarettes To Stay On U.S. Market

The FDA has authorized the sale of Vuse Solo e-cigarettes and tobacco-flavored pods, explaining that the benefits for adults trying to quit smoking outweigh the risks to young people, while also stressing that authorization does not mean the products are safe or FDA-approved. What do you think? “Luckily, it’s impossible for an e-cig maker to … Read more

The Onion’s Guide To Socially Responsible Investing

Over the past several years, interest has grown in investing in companies that meet the guidelines for ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, but in practice it can be confusing and even controversial. The Onion provides a guide to socially responsible investing. Q: How do I get started in socially responsible investing? A: First, ask … Read more

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is Socialists’ presidential candidate

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo has won the Socialist Party”s nomination race to be a candidate for next year’s French presidential elections. The 62-year-old politician, who announced her plans to run for president a month ago, won more than 72% of votes cast by party members on Thursday night, with more than 90% of total ballots … Read more

Spanish Parliament debates ‘Only Yes is Yes’ sexual consent law

Spain”s debate for the “Only yes is yes” law has begun Friday in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid. Following a proposal from the Ministry of Equality, the law would strengthen the country’s penal code against rape by requiring explicit consent for sex acts, a move long demanded by assault survivors and women’s rights groups. The … Read more