‘Numerous’ persons of interest are identified in the murders of billionaire couple

There are ‘numerous’ persons of interest in the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman, the affluent couple who was found dead inside their mansion in 2017. Det. Sgt. Brandon Price issued a ‘clarification’ statement on Friday after previous reports suggested the Toronto police had zeroed in on a single person of interest. ‘Numerous ‘persons of … Read more

Mike Pompeo says the US ‘unequivocally condemns’ Venezuela’s jailing of Citgo six

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the US ‘unequivocally condemns’ the jailing of the men dubbed the Citgo six and slammed Venezuela’s justice system as ‘kangaroo court’ as he demands the executives are returned to the US. The six American oil executives – Jose Pereira Ruimwyk, Jose Luis Zambrano, Alirio Jose Zambrano, Jorge Toledo, Tomeu … Read more

US daily deaths could double to 4,000 in 10 days say experts as Fauci issues warning about Christmas

Health experts are warning that daily deaths from COVID-19 in the United States could double to 4,000 within the next ten days due to the impact of the colder weather and Thanksgiving travel. They caution that despite the prospect of a vaccine, the country’s outbreak is far from over and could be ’rounding the corner … Read more

People share some of the weirdest compliments they have ever received

People reveal the strangest compliments they’ve ever received – including smelling like music and having ‘beautiful fallopian tubes’ People have shared examples on Reddit of weird compliments they received One user asked: ‘What’s the weirdest compliment you’ve ever been given?’ One response involved having ‘perfect’ ears while another ‘smelled like music’ By Sam Baker For … Read more

Father and daughter recreate famous movie scenes

Hollywood at home! Four-year-old girl and her film fan father recreate famous movie scenes from Die Hard, Grease and The Shining to keep themselves busy over lockdown Alex Zane, 40, and his daughter Matilda, 4, have been recreating movie scenes The duo, from Massachusetts, started their project when their state locked down Originally posting one … Read more

15 times people used wrong words that sounded similar to what they were trying to say

‘I made a mushroom car banana!’ Baffled social media users share the hilarious spelling mistakes they’ve discovered which give simple phrases a whole new meaning People from US and UK have shared outlandish and hilarious spelling mistakes   One person send readers in hysterics when wrote ‘salmonella’ as ‘sell my nana’   Another referred to ‘propaganda’ as … Read more

YouTube star Jake Paul BACKTRACKS on comments he made calling COVID a ‘hoax’

Jake Paul has backpedaled on comments he made calling the deadly COVID-19 pandemic a ‘hoax’. The YouTube star, 23, told The Daily Beast on Wednesday, that ‘COVID cases are at less than 1 percent, and I think the disease is a hoax.’  However just two days later, Paul claimed, ‘So this guy, this reporter, he … Read more

Barack Obama says Drake has ‘my household’s stamp of approval’ to play him in biopic

Barack Obama says Drake has ‘my household’s stamp of approval’ to play him in biopic… as pop star posts sweet pic with son Adonis By Dailymail.com Reporter Published: 06:50 GMT, 28 November 2020 | Updated: 06:50 GMT, 28 November 2020 Former U.S. President Barack Obama quipped that Drake has ‘my household’s stamp of approval’ to … Read more

Mike Tyson hints at fireworks in the ring as he and Roy Jones Jr. weigh-in for exhibition bout

Don’t let their ages and the description of their bout as an exhibition deceive you: Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones Jr., 51, are ready to rumble. The weigh-in for Saturday’s much-anticipated match at Staples Center in Los Angeles was held on Friday, and both boxing legends looked fit and ready to get it on.  … Read more

Cop shoots at 79-year-old doctor 15 times as he drives around on forklift ‘in a threatening manner’ 

Doctor, 79, is wounded by cops who fired 15 shots at him after he drove a forklift ‘in a threatening manner’ before asking officers to kill him Seo Myong Yang, 79, was seen driving around erratically in a forklift Bodycam video shows him deliberately attempting to drive into a police car A deputy ended up firing … Read more

Vanderbilt University soccer star Sarah Fuller will kick for Commodores football team

Women´s soccer player Sarah Fuller will don a football uniform Saturday for Vanderbilt and is poised to become the first woman to play in a Power 5 game when the Commodores visit Missouri.   Vanderbilt is set to face off against Missouri in an SEC clash on Saturday afternoon in Columbia, Missouri.   If Fuller plays, as … Read more

United Airlines flies FIRST batches of Pfizer COVID vaccine into US in refrigerated cases

United Airlines flies FIRST batches of Pfizer COVID vaccine into US in refrigerated cases to prep for mass distribution Pfizer are readying for distribution of the first batches of the COVID vaccine The vaccine is still not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The FDA will meet on December 10 in a public … Read more

‘Abducted’ one-year-old boy is shot dead after police open fire on pickup truck

A one-year-old boy has been shot dead after police responding to an alleged abduction opened fire on a pickup truck in Ontario, Canada. The boy’s 33-year-old father – who had allegedly kidnapped the boy – suffered a gunshot wound, and a police officer was also wounded in the incident. It is not yet known if … Read more

800-year-old Pueblo Indian blanket made out of 11,500 turkey feathers

There’s more uses for a turkey than the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving feast. Researchers believe the flightless fowl held deep significance for ancient Pueblo Indians in the American Southwest, who domesticated the bird but didn’t eat it.  Archaeologists at Washington State University examined a 800-year-old feather blanket from southeast Utah, one of the few remaining … Read more

NASCAR crew member, 30, and his new bride, 23, die in car crash while on Florida Keys honeymoon

A newlywed NASCAR team member from North Carolina died on his honeymoon alongside his bride in a head-on collision in the Florida Keys. William ‘Rowdy’ Harrell, 30, and Blakely Harrell, 23, died at the scene of the accident on Lower Matecumbe Key around 9:40pm on Wednesday. The couple had married four days previously, on November … Read more

Ghislaine prison nightmare before Christmas: Maxwell has no soap and torch in face every 15 minutes

At Thanksgiving, Americans get together to celebrate what really matters — family, friends, food and fellowship. Even if Covid-19 is this year putting a brake on many reunions, it must be the hardest time of the year to be behind bars. And the holiday — which began on Thursday and continues all weekend — will … Read more

Widespread Amazon cloud service outage disables Roombas, Ring doorbells, even Christmas lights

A large-scale outage on Amazon’s cloud service this week wreaked widespread havoc on websites and software services. In addition to disabling Flickr, Adobe and the Washington Post’s website, the outage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Wednesday caused Roombas, Rokus, Ring doorbells and other smart household appliances to stop functioning. The issue, which impacted the … Read more

Five Drinks Co. selling $5,500 bubble tent stocked with seating, a sound system, and cocktails

A drink company is selling a $5,500 outdoor bubble tent – stocked with seating, a sound system, and cocktails – for people to experience the bar scene without leaving home Five Drinks Co. is selling ‘ The Anywhere Bar,’ an igloo-like bubble where up to five people can sit  The enclosed, portable bar comes with … Read more

Biden ‘considers Darrell Blocker for his CIA director’

Joe Biden is said to be considering Darrell Blocker for the role of CIA director, which would make the former station chief and 32-year intelligence veteran the first black person to take on the top job. A source told Fox News discussions between the President-elect’s team and Blocker began just days after the presidential election.  … Read more

Cops hunt thief dressed as an Amazon driver who is stealing packages from outside homes in Virginia

Cops hunt porch pirate dressed as an Amazon delivery driver who is stealing packages from outside homes in Virginia Richmond Police Department in Virginia released images of a man who is posing as an Amazon delivery driver to steal packages from homes He approaches houses with unattended packages left outside with another item The thief has … Read more

Three arrested after Thanksgiving Day shootings in Nevada and Arizona

Three suspects are arrested after random Thanksgiving Day shooting spree spanning Nevada and Arizona that left one dead and at least four others injured The ordeal started in Henderson, Nevada and ended hours later in western Arizona when the three suspects crashed their vehicle  Authorities in Nevada and Arizona haven’t released the names of the … Read more

Ex Cuomo aide writes blistering attack on him calling him a ‘snarling dog’

‘St Andrew of COVID is milking his 15 minutes’: Former Cuomo aide writes blistering attack calling him a ‘snarling dog’ who is lapping up the limelight of the crisis Alexis Grenell used to work as Cuomo’s deputy director of intergovernmental affairs when he was New York’s Attorney General In an article published by The Nation … Read more

America’s Got Talent stars arrested amid custody dispute

America’s Got Talent magicians The Rocketts, ages 13 and 15, are ARRESTED for refusing to leave their father and return to their mother amid bitter custody battle Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett were semi-finalists on the 2016 season of America’s Got Talent The pair have been living with their father in California for the past several … Read more

First black US cardinal hopes for ‘positive’ relationship with Biden

America’s first black cardinal hopes to have a ‘positive’ relationship with Catholic Joe Biden despite disagreeing on abortion – after blasting Trump for tear gassing protesters to pose with a Bible outside a church Wilton Gregory, who is the Catholic Archbishop of Washington DC, has just been nominated to become a cardinal by Pope Francis … Read more

Texas mom dies in train crash on way home from hospital after giving birth to premature baby

New Texas mom dies when her friend ‘tries to beat an Amtrak passenger train’ and drives her car onto railway tracks Rhonda Clay died Wednesday when the BMW she was a passenger in plowed into an oncoming train in the Harris County area The driver of the vehicle, Brittinie Green, 32, survived the crash and … Read more

Petition to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 reaches more than 1.5MILLION signatures

A petition to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 has more than 1.5 million signatures as fans of Johnny Depp claim she ‘systematically crusaded’ to ruin his career.  Heard’s role as ‘Hera’ in the Marvel franchise series continued to upset fans this week as 1.53million made clear their feelings about the controversial actress. ‘Since Heard’s … Read more

Federal court rejects Trump request to block certification of Pennsylvania’s election results 

A federal appeals court on Friday rejected a request by President Donald Trump’s campaign to block President-elect Joe Biden from being declared the winner of the battleground state of Pennsylvania, dealing another significant setback to Trump’s bid to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 election.   Trump’s lawyers vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court … Read more

Apple patents car windshield that calls the garage when it cracks

Apple knows a thing or two about cracked screens, which may explain why the computer giant has filed a patent for a car windshield that notifies the owner when it’s damaged. A patent uncovered this week describes a system that would use conductive film between two layers of glass to monitor if there’s been damage. … Read more

US road safety agency is investigating nearly 115k Tesla vehicles

The U.S. government’s road safety agency is investigating complaints that suspensions can fail on nearly 115,000 Tesla electric vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has 43 complaints that linkages near the ball joints can fail, allowing contact between the tire and wheel liner. The probe, announced Friday on the agency’s website, covers … Read more

Soviet Cities by Russian photographer Arseniy Kotov reveals the gems of USSR architecture

On the whole, the architecture of the former Soviet Union was uniform and dreary – but a recently published photography book reveals that there were some gems, from a ‘flying saucer’ building to an office block that resembles a game of Jenga. Soviet Cities: Labour, Life & Leisure was created by Russian photographer Arseniy Kotov … Read more

Chicago couple uses nonrefundable wedding catering deposit to feed needy on Thanksgiving

Chicago couple who canceled their wedding due to the pandemic use their nonrefundable catering deposit to donate Thanksgiving dinners to people in need Emily Bugg, 33, and Billy Lewis, 34, had to cancel their big wedding due to the pandemic, and instead married at City Hall on October 1 They asked their caterer, Big Delicious Planet, … Read more

Prince Charles and Diana WERE in love, despite what The Crown claims

 The Crown’s claim: Prince Charles phoned Camilla Parker-Bowles to discuss Diana and confessed to Princess Anne he felt like he ‘didn’t know her’ (1980)  Confidante: Prince Charles phones Camilla (Emerald Fennell) even after his family say he should marry Lady Diana Heart-to-heart: Princess Anne urges Charles to marry ‘perfect’ Diana in a conversation that is … Read more

Influencer sorry after pranking homeless and elderly in Colombia streets with fake ice cream bar

Colombian influencer faces criminal charges after filming himself tricking homeless and elderly men into eating bars of soap covered in chocolate Milton Domínguez, who is known in Colombian social media circles as Jay Tomy, apologized over his fake chocolate ice cream bars prank Domínguez recorded himself handing out soap bars that were covered in chocolate … Read more

Single mom in Minnesota refuses to close her bar despite Gov. Tim Walz’ order

A single mother in a small Minnesota town is refusing to close her bar under coronavirus restrictions despite being contacted by the sheriff’s office.  Larvita McFarquhar, who owns Havens Garden in Lynd, posted several videos to Facebook in which she spoke out in defiance of the Gov. Tim Walz’s COVID-19 executive orders.  The black small business owner … Read more

Trump tells Georgia not to boycott the runoffs or the GOP will lose control of the Senate

Donald Trump has told Georgia not to boycott the January runoffs but to ‘get out and help’ David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler or the GOP will lose control of the Senate to ‘some very sick people’. The president tweeted his support of the two Republican candidates Friday morning calling them ‘GREAT people’ and saying he … Read more